Welcome to my website! I currently live in a 1933 colonial house with my husband in Minneapolis, MN.

I originally launched this website back in 2011 as a place to share my photography. At the time, I was running a “hobby” business photographing people – everything from families, senior portraits, to engagement and weddings. It was huge learning experience for me, super fun, and I got to meet a lot of cool people!

Now, I want to bring my website back but with a different approach.

I want to take a new route with my photography and focus on spaces, homes, and products instead of the main focus being on people. I also want this to be a place I can share my other interests in fashion, interior design, art, and traveling.

Stay tuned!

To get in touch, say hello or email directly to hello@kayla-renee.com.

Kayla ReneeKayla Renee



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